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One way I do this is by helping you figure out your shared values and vision. I'll remind you all along the way what a special time this is in your relationship, as you prepare to officially team up, in front of the people who love you, to somehow do better at this life than we do when we go it alone.

My brand is me, so it will evolve as I do, and I’m constantly working on myself. A coach needs coaches of her own, and I am a lifelong learner. I’m currently learning how to be more sustainable, more collaborative, and how the chakra system and tarot cards work!

Much love, friends. The light in me shines much brighter because of the light in you.


May 2020

Montreal's first wedding coach

Wedding planning should be joyful, not stressful. You shouldn’t have to compromise your sanity and well-being ever, but especially not during a time that is supposed to be happy, romantic, and fun!

In all honesty, Kith & Kin was created because I wanted more clients who care more about their experience than perfection. I don't want stressed-out clients... and while I have helped hundreds of people feel less stressed, I think we can aim higher: how about abundantly happy!?

I have spent over fifteen years becoming a wedding and event expert, and I love it, but what I do for my clients extends way beyond logistics, design, and event management. I empower you to plan your dream wedding, give you honest guidance, and help make sure that both the wedding and the engagement are lovely and charming, just like you and your partner!

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