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Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to confident and happy while planning the wedding of your dreams… And start out your marriage as a team!

"I couldn’t have done it without you. I had zero stress on my wedding day because I knew everything was taken care of for me. Thank you for reassuring me and letting us fully enjoy our day."

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Joanne Spanoudakis

Start your wedding journey!

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Imagine If...

You knew exactly what you needed to do for your wedding, when to get it done, and how much you should be paying for everything...

You were on the same page as your partner and could actually enjoy being engaged...

You had a clear vision of your wedding…

And the confidence to ignore everyone else’s opinions and execute that plan.

Through the entire process, you’ll keep your wedding coach (me) in your back pocket with texting and voice note access during my office hours.



Then this is for you.  Here's why!

You’ll be guided through the wedding planning process (that other people find so stressful) in a way that feels easy and fun

You'll have access to ALL of the organizational tools that I use to plan each of my flawless events

You'll have my eyes on your final event plan and timeline - I'll even brief your Day-Of Coordinator!

What’s more, you’ll get emotional support throughout The Journey to ensure you’re

  • Setting boundaries that support your relationship

  • Getting the most out of your perfect-fit suppliers

  • And actually enjoying the engagement!

"Hiring a wedding coach is one of the best and most positive decisions that my fiancé and I made this year, and we’re just so grateful for Carrie-Ann. She helped us make quick decisions, helped us really understand budgets, and how much things cost, and where we can get more value and where we can save. But then the other element is having a coach by your side when you’re experiencing all these emotions for the first time and you have no idea what they are and what they mean, and guiding you through that, like your big sister who’s there for you no matter what through everything."

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Marlee & Jeremy
Marlee Rabin
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Inside This Offer You'll Get

  • The Jumpstart – a 1:1 coaching experience complete with your wedding anchoring statement, so you always stay true to your vision ($300 value)

  • Three more Virtual Planning Sessions with me ($900 value), where I'll guide you through the major planning milestones with ease

    • A budget meeting where we fit your Jumpstart desires into a strategy for your spending, and we also look at where you and your partner can work together or separately to split up the actual work.​

    • timeline meeting where we nail down the whole plan for the day, from when you wake up until when you get home, and pick at all the loose threads to see what might be missing from your wedding plan, and what you have left to do, so you can handle it in a timely fashion. 

    • final run-through (with your day-of coordinator, if it's not me) to make sure your plan is *chef's kiss* perfect. You'll know that every piece of your event can be executed with elegance and ease, and has my stamp of approval.

  • Six months of Voxer access and strategic email support - leave me a voice note or a text message anytime, day or night, and I'll get back to you during my next office hours with expert answers and emotional support. Plus, you can email any contracts you want revised, or offers from vendors that you want my eyes on! Want to know if something is worth the price, or if you should keep shopping around? Or to brainstorm a better idea to replace an antiquated ritual? I love to get creative with you, and problem-solving is my favourite activity. ($4500 value/priceless, if you ask my past clients!)

  • My Planning Files Bundle ($200 value) - the exact system I use to plan done-for-you weddings in The Joy Ride, including:

    • ​A Trello board with absolutely everything you need to know about how to find and when to book each supplier, and what questions to ask them

    • A dynamic budget spreadsheet

    • All of the templates you need to keep your team of vendors organized on your wedding day: your planning schedule, a sample timeline for the day, the procession plan, reserved seating chart, and a master file for your Day Of Coordinator

    • My awesome Day Of Coordinator Hiring Guide including standard rates, what to expect, pitfalls to avoid, and a full interview guide with questions top ask them (and the answers you want to get!)

Total value: $5900


I’m a wedding coach and planner, and I have over fifteen years’ experience in the wedding industry.


I am a firm believer that your wedding journey should be blissful. Because I’ve had the half-an-Ativan + a glass of Chardonnay to survive experience, and I want better for you!


Your wedding is about more than the day – which is why I want to help you starting right now. But the wedding day itself? It should be reflective of who you are as a couple – not what everyone else wants it to be.

"It was such a reassurance having Carrie-Ann's calm demeanour and incredible advice. Any interaction we had left me feeling more at ease. We’ve said it before but other than deciding to marry each other, you were the best decision we made!"

What People Say

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Jaime Moar
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Q. How is this different from a wedding planning book/website?

A. The short answer? It's bespoke. I'm not giving you a cookie cutter wedding guide, but rather guiding you through my strategic process. You have my expert insights and on the go coaching at all times, so you'll never have to second-guess a choice you've made. 

Q. What is wedding coaching, and how is it different from wedding planning?

A wedding planner (that's me, by the way) knows all the secrets to putting together a flawless event that lines up with your vision and your financial priorities. A wedding coach (also me) helps you navigate the emotional upsets that come with a major life change. You're not just planning a wedding day - you're planning to be married. So as soon as we start working together, I'm looking into the future and thinking not only, "How can I make sure your day is spectacular?" but also, "How can I set these two up for a future where their partnership is rock solid?"

I have a few ways of doing this, and encouraging participation from your partner throughout the process, but the main thing we'll do is: during the second call (the one about the almighty budget!) we'll also budget your time and look at which steps of the process need to be divided to be conquered (and who will do what), and which steps will be better served by a combined effort.

Q. Can my parents/in-laws join in on our Zoom calls?

A. While your fiancé is always encouraged to join in on our Zoom sessions, I strongly advise maintaining a boundary between your parents and your wedding plan. This can be really challenging, especially if they are investors in the wedding. But in my experience, this really helps to ensure that you stay true to your vision, while casually throwing me under the bus, like so: "It's not my fault! It's Carrie-Ann's rule." I sign my contract with you, so you are my clients, not your parents. And, if they are investing, I have some ideas about how we can make sure they don't weigh in on the entire experience.

Q. Who will manage my wedding on the day of the event?

A. You'll use my Day-Of Coordinator hiring guide to find the perfect person in your city. Then, they'll hop on our final call so I can make sure we're all on the same page about your wedding plan.

(And if you’re in Montreal and want me there? I’m available for onsite DOC starting at $2500. You can add on this option during our Jumpstart if desired!)




$4000 CAD + taxes

Payment plans available.

On site event coordination can be added starting at $2500, not including travel fees and accommodations.


Book a discovery call to inquire!

What People Say

"My favourite part of working together was the Voxer access. Just being able to send a voice note, or write something and get a voice note back… I always knew that you would answer and you always did."

Sam Torkin
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“Every step of the way, I’m just like, “holy shit, how would I do this without her?”

Ariella Rossberg

“I always feel so much better after talking to Carrie-Ann."

Genevieve Grey

"THANK YOU for all your guidance and support throughout our wedding planning process! You offered us a safe space to share, brainstorm and vent throughout our journey, and helped us navigate some unexpected challenges... We especially appreciated that you helped us carve out time and space to pause, as newlyweds, and take it all in :) You really helped us create the kind of wedding experience we were seeking – a calm vibe and a day full of love!"

Lana Bergmame + Michael Cohen
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