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For the busy professionals and conscious couples who want to savour every minute of your engagement, I offer full-touch service. I'll be by your side every step of the way, from theme conception to event execution, so you can spend more time enjoying your engagement - as much as you will enjoy the day itself!

I’ll propose vetted vendors, look into the new latest thing for you, and handle all of the back and forth between the suppliers. Plus, I’ll accompany you to any appointments with suppliers, and look over your contracts to make sure you're covered no matter what happens.

This package starts at the time of booking, and includes unlimited phone consultation, as many in-person meetings as we like, and my presence on site to run the show on event day. And if all of that sounds like a lot - fear not! We'll look at your calendar and schedule in some luxurious champagne relaxation throughout the planning, so it will feel easy and effortless to have a bespoke, exquisite, thoughtful wedding.

$16,000 - anywhere in the world. Let's chat about whether this is the right fit for you!

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