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Hi! I’m Carrie-Ann Kloda, Montreal’s first wedding coach. With fifteen years experience in the event industry, I take a wellness-based approach to give you peace of mind while planning your wedding.

Think of me like your big sister – you've got this, and I’ve got you, in so many ways. As a coach, I have your journey mapped out and managed. As a yoga teacher (and truly, a big sister many times over!), it’s my job to put people at ease and show them how they can reduce their stress levels. Let me keep you on track, and make sure that you focus on the right things, because you only get to say "fiancé" for so long! 

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Carrie Ann, what can I possibly say besides thank you. You were a calming presence, and an amazingly organized planner who kept us all in check! It’s not easy to manage three families and a bride and groom but you did so in a way that felt effortless, and the result was a perfect evening for all our families! On behalf of my husband, Craig and Dianna, and the other parents I say a heartfelt thanks for making a very special day go off without a hitch!

Jaime & DuncAN

Thank you so much for all you did for us at our wedding and leading up to it. It was such a reassurance having your calm demeanor and your incredible advice. We’ve said it before but other than deciding to marry each other, you were the best decision we made!

Lourie & Jack

Hi Carrie-Ann, I wanted to extend my thank you for all of your hard work and amazing setup on Saturday. Thank you so much for making the day so perfect, my heart is filled with so much joy. You and your team did an AMAZING job!!!!! I’m so floored, you and your team seriously exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

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Kith & Kin offers wedding coaching and event management in three formats.

Click below to find out which is the best fit for your planning needs, or book a discovery call.

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